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Dalts American Grill


Owner/Operator:  Shannon Powell

General Manager:  Lee Spelta

Assistant Managers:  Brian Shawler, Blake Davis and Zach Puckett

Employee 5 Year Club:  Javier Almaraz,   Laura Bopp,   Kayla Clark,   Joel Gabbert,   Juan Gomez,   Victorino Gomez,   Hosea Hanson,   David Lackey,   Kristen McClellan,   Luis Morales,   Dominic Wier,   Trent McCaleb,   Gregorio Sandoval

Employee 10 Year Plus Club:  Luis Carrera,   Brian Shawler,   Martineke Smith,   Lee Spelta,   Richard Vance,   Richard Davis,   Brandie Oakley,   Susana Sevilla

Phone:  615-352-8121
Fax:  615-352-8790

Please do not use Email for placing Orders..... We welcome Comments by Email and Orders by phone or fax.