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Below is a list of the avilable grocery items that Dalts American Grill can help provide you with! You can order through our online ordering options by clicking the button below. If you have any questions, please call 1 (615) 352-8121!

Item $/Pr Pkg Unit
Milk $5.25 Gallon
Eggs $1.25 Dozen
Flour $0.50 Pound
Sugar $0.75 Pound
White Bread $3.25 Loaf
Wheat Bread $5.50 Loaf
Rye Bread $3.50 Loaf
Hamburger Buns $3.00 Dozen
Margarine $1.25 Pound
Butter $2.00 Pound
Ketchup $2.25 Bottle
Baking Potato $.50 Each
Fresh Broccoli $3.00 Pound
Cucumber $1.00 Each
Salad Mix $1.25 Pound
Tomato $.75 Each
Dressings $5.00 Bowl
Item $/Pr Pkg Unit
Raw Ground Beef $2.75 Pound
Raw Ribeye Steak $12.00 10oz Cut
Raw Chicken Breast $2.25 Pound
Raw Chicken Tenders $3.25 Pound
Raw Half Chicken $4.50 Each
Raw Sliced Bacon $2.50 Pound
Chicken Salad $10.00 Pound
Sweet Tea $10.00 Gallon
Unsweet Tea $10.00 Gallon
Orange Juice $5.00 Gallon
Buttermilk $2.75 Half Gallon
Key Lime Pie $30.00 Whole
Chocolate Malt Cake $30.00 Whole
Bottled Beer Varies Each
Bottles of Liquor Varies Each
Toilet Paper $1.00 Roll
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